Whiskey Diagram Print

The intention of this print is to carefully document all the most popular types of whiskey from around the world. Many people know the mainstream brands/distilleries, but don't know how they all work together. For centuries, these popular spirits have continued to evolve into the wide variety currently available. This flow chart brings a clear hierarchy to the drams (small glasses of whiskey) we all know and love.

This collection acknowledges the twelve most prominent kinds of whiskey. Many countries distill certain types of whiskey, which will all be represented accordingly. Additionally, each country's history will be remembered in a brief but meaningful narrative.

Crate Style Specification: Printed on 51lb (10.3mil). Premium Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered. These prints are full color bleeds (without border). Frames not included.

Standard Size Print: 13" X 19" (330mm X 482mm) 

Medium Size Print: 24" X 36" (610mm X 915mm) Printed on 10.3 mil Premium Enhanced Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered. 

Large Size Print: 36" X 54" (915mm X 1,372mm) Printed on 10.3 mil Premium Enhanced Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered.