No 199 - Basketball Goal

Poster series featuring over 500 of the most iconic patent designs. Everything has been redesigned to fit into a cohesive collection.

The purity of a hand-crafted drawing can’t be matched. Patents are the perfect marriage of design and drawing. I’m fascinated by the way products and processes from hundreds of years ago have been methodically documented into these beautiful diagrams. It’s my goal to breathe new life into these timeworn treasures.

This series is about celebrating years of innovation and design. Without these archives, we would be without some many of the amazing inventions we use every day.

Each drawing has been digitally traced, to recapture the finest details. The drawings have been meticulously refined to enrich the unique shapes and shadows each subject possesses. After each design is remastered it's added to a master template, so that each patent matches the format of the one before it. With hundreds of designs to choose from, I'm sure you'll find something of interest.

Crate Style Specification: Printed on 60lb Premium Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered. Frames not included.

Standard Size Print: 13" X 19" (330mm X 482mm)

Category: basketball, games, sport, sports