Beer & Wine Diagram Set

Crate Style presents flow chart posters that thoroughly dissect beer and wine. Get them both, for a limited time. This set includes one Beer Diagram and one Wine Diagram.

About Beer Diagram:
This collection recognizes the 16 distinct types of beer, explains their origin and then breaks down even further into nearly 40 more subcategories. Each of the final beer-types is then marked with 3 examples of that beer, as well as an icon depicting the type of glass that the beer is typically served in.  

About Wine Diagram:
The intention of this print is to methodically record the primary varieties of red and white wine, telling the full story – from grape to glass. This collection illustrates the seventeen most common varieties of wine. Each type of wine is specific to certain regions of the world, which are all highlighted in the print. In addition, we've recognized nearly 150 of the most outstanding examples of specific wines found in each region.

Crate Style Specification: Printed on 51lb (10.3mil). Premium Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered. These prints are full color bleeds (without border). Frames not included.

Standard Size Print: 13" X 19" (330mm X 482mm) 

Medium Size Print: 24" X 36" (610mm X 915mm) Printed on 10.3 mil Premium Enhanced Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered. 

Large Size Print: 36" X 54" (915mm X 1,372mm) Printed on 10.3 mil Premium Enhanced Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered.