Manifesto Print

Crate Style's Manifesto Print is a poster that provides words of encouragement and positivity.

This Manifesto Print is a poster designed to inspire people to be positive everyday. Stacey believes her purpose is to encourage the world to achieve their dreams despite circumstances and created this from the bottom of her heart.

All proceeds from this print will be donated to Hendrickson High School Scholarship Fund in Memory of Michael Wozniak, Stacey's dad. 

"My dad taught me to appreciate each day and how to change my mindset to believe in myself no matter the circumstances. He believed in everyone and would always challenge them to dream big and know with diligence and hard work, anyone can achieve what they put their mind to. If you asked him how his day was going, he would tell you "unbelievable," which would be the word that described the legacy he left. He was always "living the dream." Thank you for purchasing this print, I hope it continues to inspire who read it to remind them to live with passion and purpose." 

Crate Style Specification: Printed on 51lb (10.3mil). Premium Matte Finish Paper. Signed & Numbered. These prints are full color bleeds (without border). Frames not included.

Standard Size Print: 13" X 19" (330mm X 482mm)